The rock of Sampzon and its incredible panorama

The rock of Sampzon and its 381 meters of altitude (belvedere 300 meters) is an exceptional place. It is essential to go up there on foot, by bike (very difficult) or by car, in order to admire the panoramic view which is not 360 degrees, but which is really worth the trip.

Sampzon rock hiking trail

Happiness has to be earned, so if you want to discover the superb panorama you see in the photos below, you will have to walk.

You will find this walking route of medium difficulty with a positive difference in altitude of 276 metres. The climb is steep in places. The view of the meandering river Ardèche is spectacular. The weather should be taken into account, so protect yourself well if the sun is strong. Take water and a small snack in your backpack. The trail will also take you to the needle, very surprising.

The footpath to the Sampzon rock starts at La Bastide de Sampzon. Count on 3 to 4 hours with stops for photos and a short fatigue break.

The rock of Sampzon is everywhere

It is true that the rock of Sampzon, 381 metres high, can be seen from almost everywhere. The main photo was taken at the exit of Vallon Pont d’Arc on the D4 towards Saint-Remèze. It can also be seen from the road to the Ardèche gorges. It must be said that the relief is not very important in this corner of the South Ardèche. The altitude varies between 150 and 500 metres. The Rocher de Sampzon is high enough to provide an unobstructed view over dozens of kilometres around the community of communes of the Gorges de l’Ardèche.

Photos of Sampzon rock

Panorama of the rock in video

We hope that this article has sufficiently inspired you to climb the Sampzon rock. It is a place that leaves you breathless, so beautiful. The sunset is also breathtaking, so if you can get there in summer, don’t hesitate (by car for sure).